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    Distinctive quality
    standards. 25 years of

    Qualified Translator / Interpreter

    Not everyone can translate or interpret...

    The command of a foreign language does not necessarily entail a proficiency in translation or interpreting techniques. Translation skills require in-depth experience, endless curiosity and strong linguistic flexibility.

    A team of highly skilled professionals

    And having a qualification doesn’t mean you are a good translator or interpreter...

    And a thorough understanding of translation and interpreting techniques is no guarantee of talent. That’s why the Verba-Translations

    Team constantly do their very best, expand their horizons and update their skills.

    Native language and bilingualism

    It is already so hard to master one's native language...

    Thus, we avoid aspiring polyglots and language optimists who claim they can translate into languages other than their mother tongue.

    But the world of interpreters is full of rare gems who are perfectly bilingual and bi-cultural.

    Specialists and experts

    Zero tolerance for jacks of all trades...

    Modern life is evolving at a frantic pace, and scientific and technical knowledge are no exception. Innovations keep coming. Contents are increasingly specialized: European law, International law… Nowadays linguists have to be real specialists.

    And a strict quality review process

    Because trust doesn’t rule out controls...

    As we are aware that man is not infallible, our Quality Department, with the support of its specialized Departments, double-checks all translations. Terminological, spelling, grammar and syntax controls, style improvements: Verba-Translations makes sure the end result meets the clients’ expectations.

    The quality charter

    For its translation and interpreting services, Verba-Translations has made quality a top priority. In order to provide first-class services, we have drafted an exacting quality charter to safeguard our rigorous, professional procedures.

    It complies with the EN 15038 European standard for companies within the translation industry.

    For instance, it states that translations should be proofread by a different linguist from the translator.

    At Verba-Translations, our translations have always been systematically proofread by a different linguist, who is also specialized in the topic at issue.

    The quality process

    • Assignment to the specialist department
    • Translation
    • Proofreading
    • Brainstorming
    • Finalization
    • Delivery

    We have implemented a strict and precise procedure, in compliance with the EN 15038 European standard, so as to ensure the quality of our translations.

    At Verba-Translations, rigor and exacting standards do not exclude flexibility and cordiality…

    Our teams of professionals always strive to offer tailor-made solutions to each of our clients, in strict compliance with the high quality standards we are recognized for.