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    Specialists with different backgrounds for a high quality, customized service.


    Fed up of “word by word”, heavy, boring translations ?

    Verba-Translations’ Communication Department team provides you with seamless translations, in line with your brand’s DNA. That way, you will be able to refocus on your core business!

    Arts and Tourism

    Engaging translations for enjoyable catalogs and leaflets.

    Exhibition catalogs, tourist leaflets, websites…

    Are you working at a museum, an art gallery or a tourist office and looking for a reliable translation company?

    Engaging translations for enjoyable catalogs and leaflets.

    With their aesthetic sense and in-depth knowledge of your specific terminology and topics, our team bring all their talent to faithfully and creatively translate your brochures and documents!

    Law and Finance

    A reliable partner that knows legal & financial concepts, and provides faithful but not literal translations.

    Civil law, intellectual property law, copyright, corporate law, litigations, criminal law… or even UCITS, open-ended investment funds, prospectus, tax regulation…

    Only highly specialized translators with legal background can take on this challenge. That’s what Verba-Translations and our legal experts promise and deliver.

    New technologies

    New technologies are ever changing and require continual knowledge updates.

    When translating press kits or releases for the launch of innovative products, specialized leaflets or specifications, technical knowledge is essential but style is also a must. Engineers, IT technicians, specialized translators: all of Verba-Translations employees meet this challenge every day.

    Technology & Manufacturing

    Well understood, clearly translated...

    These fields require an excellent understanding of the process involved, and exacting language skills.

    Accurate & easy-to-read translations: this is what the Technology & Manufacturing Department is committed to.