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  • Our values.

    We comply with our Code of Ethics every day, and keep to our core values.

    Our commitment to
    on our promise to
    customers and staff
    means we support
    innovation and efficiency

    Commitment, to reconcile our growth with environmental issues through sustainable development principles (paper recycling, back-to-back printing and only if necessary, payment by bank transfer instead of by check etc.) on a daily basis and a respectful attitude towards our vendors, by ensuring them a fair remuneration.

    Audacity, as a driver for momentum and a symbol of entrepreneurship, so that each employee can play a part in the development of the company and find their work very fulfilling.

    Cohesion, symbolizing our strengths and our teams’ commitment.

    «These values would be worthless if we didn’t strive to implement them to benefit our clients, employees and vendors.»

    Core Principles

    Verba-Translations knows that translation is first of all a human adventure. The motivation of each one of us and win-win partnerships are the keys to our success.

    Our ethics are behind the main principles guiding our actions: complying with legal and regulatory provisions, integrity, loyalty, honesty and respecting others.

    Complying with legal and regulatory measures.

    As a general rule and in all circumstances, Verba-Translations employees and vendors are required to comply with applicable international, national and local regulations, as well as the professional standards governing the translation industry, our core business. We do not make any concessions on this point.

    Therefore, all our translators meet their legal, tax and social obligations, in France as well as abroad.

    Loyalty and honesty to the fore.

    Verba-Translations believes that loyalty and honesty are the cornerstones of a relationship. These values mean that we honor our commitments and discern our limits.

    Because for us profitability is not an end in itself but one of the drivers behind our success.

    Respecting others.

    This principle is about abiding by the rights of people, their dignity in all circumstances and their uniqueness, as well as different cultures.

    «We undertake to pay our team members a fair remuneration because we believe that a high level of education must be rewarded for what it’s worth.»