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    A range of tailored services, provided by a professional and dedicated team.


    Flawless quality, ready-to-use translations.

    All our translations are entrusted to highly skilled native speakers, specialized in your industry, as translation requires an extensive knowledge of both cultures related to the requested language combination, and a perfect understanding of translation techniques.

    For Verba-Translations, quality and accuracy are a must. Because we believe every detail matters!

    Our expertise is based on four cornerstones, in compliance with the EN 15038 European standard:

    • Exacting standards – A network of highly specialized and experienced linguists who translate only into their native language. Their reliability is double-checked by comprehensive tests carried out in-house. Verba-Translations’ distinctive quality is guaranteed by thorough proofreading of every and each translation.
    • Quality combined with speed – Combining an expertized in-house team with a broad network of linguists, Verba-Translations is committed to delivering high quality translations within tight deadlines.
    • Flexibility – Our agile team adapts to your needs to help you take up your challenges.
    • Diversity – An offer combining a wide range of language combinations with a great variety of expertise areas.


    Our interpreters' proficiency, one of the keys to your success

    Interpreting is an exacting intellectual exercise requiring major skills, in particular a perfect knowledge of the source and target languages, an in-depth understanding of the topic, a deep experience and a great resistance to stress

    Interpreters’ skillfulness is key to the success of a major international seminar or forum. It is thus extremely important to choose the right partner!

    Verba-Translations can help you with its team of highly qualified interpreters, eager to carry out your missions in the most accomplished way !

    We offer you our premium services :

    • whatever the language combination required: European, Slavic, Asian languages, for instance.
    • whatever the interpreting mission:
    1. Simultaneous interpreting – Mostly used for conferences and lectures, this method allows the interpreters to accurately re-express a spoken message into the listeners’ language. Interpreters always work in pairs. Simultaneous interpreting requires specific equipment: booths, console, microphones, transmitters, or portable interpreting sets.
    2. Consecutive interpreting – Suited for meetings and group tours, this form of interpreting enables the interpreter to take notes of the message and then express it in the other party’s native language more or less every 10 minutes. This also requires high level skills.
    3. Liaison interpreting or whispering interpreting – This type of interpreting is used for very small groups or more informal meetings. It requires excellent language skills and an extensive knowledge of the topic at issue.

    The keys to your success
    In order to ensure your symposiums, seminars, business meetings, multilingual conferences are a success, it is essential:
    • to work with professional interpreters,
    • to create an appropriate work environment and
    • to communicate beforehand any information or documentation necessary for the preparation of the linguists and the mission.

    Proofreading & editing

    An experienced, professional outsider can come in useful !

    Do you have a document that you are not entirely satisfied with?

    Do you need the opinion of a professional linguist?

    Or maybe you have ideas… but you don’t have enough time or inspiration to write a sales-oriented text?

    Verba-Translations offers you proofreading and editing services. Our proficient linguists and journalists are committed to delivering content that fulfills your expectations and matches your brand image.


    A quick, efficient service for a written record of your videos and soundtracks

    As the name suggests, transcription consists in putting in writing the words of different speakers.

    • Complete transcription
      This method consists in the verbatim written rendering of an oral text, i.e. in full, including any hesitations, language mistakes, etc. It is therefore a perfectly accurate transcription of your videos.
    • Optimized transcription
      This method consists in faithfully reproducing your videos while leaving out any hesitations or language mistakes. You are thus provided with a ready-to-use document.
    • Transcription with time codes
      Time-codes are points of reference per minute, second and tenth of second so as to determine at exactly what moment the different words were pronounced. These are essential to subtitle or dub a video.


    We take care of every detail

    Do you have documents in a specific format and would like the translation to be in the same format, with an identical page layout ?

    Verba-Translations is your one-stop shop partner for all your projects. We provide you with a ready-to-use product, in the language of your choice.

    We offer a wide array of software and have a proficient team of graphics designers to meet your needs: vectorization, creation of diagrams and graphics, international typography…